Funnel Navigation Analysis

Daniel Yonts

How well are visitors led down a path toward conversions? This is the question that funnel navigation analysis attempts to address by examining each step along the path.
The first part of the funnel can be the landing page or an advertisement. The next step can be a product page, lead sign-up page, cart page or donation page. Each step on the path constitutes a mini-conversion. The final conversion is created by an unbroken chain of desired actions.
Through comprehensive optimization and testing, you can improve the number of people who make it through each stage of the funnel. By seeing where people drop off the path, you can optimize the page according to what is known and assumed about the visitors – while testing variations to challenge assumptions.
When applied to shopping cart funnel navigation, this analysis can quickly help improve conversions.
Some points to consider when building your funnel navigation analysis are:
1.    What do visitors expect to find at each step on the path?
2.    Is it obvious for visitors what you want them to do on each page?
3.    Which page elements distract from the funnel goal and which support it?

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