Marketing Isn't Dead - Even For Those Who Believe Marketing Is Dead

Daniel Yonts

Marketing Isn't Dead

Within the Marketing profession, it's been assumed that a new type of consumer has emerged. This consumer is no longer persuaded by advertising and is immune to the outdated concept of branding. Empowered by technology, today's consumer is able to navigate markets and establish preferences outside the context of marketing. Though confronted with a sea of choices, consumers are now equipped with the tools and information to escape the influence of marketers. 

With the constant emergence of new technology, it is assumed that consumers are unrecognizable from what has come before. They've been transformed by new tools and tactics countless times since the birth of the Internet. This narrative has spread across traditional media, it has been written about in books, promoted through blogs, championed at conferences and accepted as fact by the numerous silos that make up the Digital Marketing profession.

The irony is that effective advertising and branding has persuaded marketers of the idea that advertising and branding no longer works. Despite evidence to the contrary, marketers have accepted the idea that being seen and actively engaging consumers is a relic of the distance past. Data and research has been ignored in favor of abstractions that have harmed the future of media, stunted the growth of brands, and transformed marketers into technocrats. 

Brands and Branding Dominate the Internet 

Brand Activity is the primary driver of conversions online. This activity is represented through direct entries and brand searches -- both of which cannot occur without previous knowledge a brand. Without knowing a brand exists, consumers would not search for a brand or go directly to the site of a brand. Thus, brand exposures determine Brand Activity.

For most retailers, Brand Activity represents 60-80% of all sales. Most B2B leads are attributable to Brand Activity. The most engaged visitors of media sites arrive via Brand Activity. In short, Brand Activity represents a marketers best customers across industries. Companies that don't grow Brand Activity have a difficult time growing sales or profitable revenue -- online and offline. They are also vulnerable to competitors who do. 

Brand Activity can be easily measured, and this has been the case for years. It just requires a quick look at existing data. A visit to or will show the importance of Brand Activity for market leaders and fast-growing companies. It's not hard.

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