List of Russian Television Series
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List of Russian Television Series

This is a list of TV series that were made and shown in the Soviet Union and Russia. It does not include foreign-made imports.


Year Channel Title Russian title Genre
1960-2003 CT USSR, C1 Ostankino, C1R Travelers' Club ? ? Travel
1960-1961 Animated Crocodile Adult animation
1961-present CT USSR, C1 Ostankino, C1R, KVN TV KVN (? ? ? ?) Comedy
1962-present CT USSR, Russia-1 Little Blue Light ? Variety
1963-2008 Russia-1 Fitil Comedy
1964-present Programme Two, C1 Ostankino, C1R, Russia-K, Russia-1 Good Night, Little Ones! ?, ! Children's
1965-present all channels Minute of Silence
1968-present Programme One, C1 Ostankino, Russia-1, C1R, Domashny, Russia-2, Carousel In the World of Animals ? ? Zoology
1968-present Programme One, C1 Ostankino, C1R Time News
1969 CT USSR The Adjutant of His Excellency Drama
1969-2006 CT USSR Well, Just You Wait! , ! Animation


Year Channel Title Russian title Genre
1971-present P1, C1R, Russia-1 Song of the Year ? Music
1971-2003 CT USSR, C1R Investigation Held by ZnaToKi ? Crime
1972 Programme One Seventeen Moments of Spring ? Espionage
1973-1983 CT USSR Eternal Call Drama
1972 CT USSR Big School-Break ? Comedy
1975 C5 For the Rest of His Life ? Drama, war
1975 C1 Ostankino, C1R, NTV What? Where? When? ? ? Game show
1975 CT USSR, Russia-1, TV-6, C1R, Carousel Yeralash Children's, comedy
1976 CT USSR The Twelve Chairs 12 ? Musical, comedy
1978 CT USSR D'Artagnan and Three Musketeers ?' ? Musical
1979-1986 CT USSR The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson ? ? ? ? Crime
1979 CT USSR The Adventures of the Elektronic Children's, science-fiction
1979 CT USSR Little Tragedies Drama
1979 CT USSR The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed ? Crime


Year Channel Title Russian title Genre
1980-1999 CT USSR, C1 Ostankino, C1R Football Review ? Sports
1983-2001 CT USSR, C1R Till 16 and older... 16 ? ... Youth program
1983 CT USSR The Trust That Went Bust , ? Musical
1984 CT USSR Dead Souls ? ? Comedy, drama
1984-present CT USSR, C1 Ostankino, C1R Good Morning ? Morning news
1984 CT USSR TASS Is Authorized to Declare... ? ?... Espionage
1985 CT USSR Sofia Kovalevskaya Biopic
1985 P1 Guest from the Future Children's, science-fiction
1985 CT USSR Confrontation Drama, war, crime
1986 P1 In Search for Captain Grant ? ? Adventure
1987 CT USSR Visit to Minotaur ? Crime
1987-1993 C5 600 Seconds 600 News
1988 CT USSR The Life of Klim Samgin ? Drama


Year Channel Title Russian title Genre
1990-present CT USSR, C1 Ostankino, C1R The Field of Wonders ? Game show
1990-1995 CT USSR, C1 Ostankino, C1R Both to! -! Comedy
1991 ZDF The Alaska Kid Adventure
1992-1997 C1 Ostankino, C1R Trifles of Life Telenovela
1993-present C1 Ostankino, C1R Gusto ? Cooking
1993-2002 C1 Ostankino, C1R Call of the Jungles Children's, game show
1993 The White Horse ? War, drama, biopic
1994-2002 NTV Puppets Comedy, politics
1995-present NTV, MTK, TV Centre, Russia-1 Hundred to One ? Game show
1996-2001 C1R, Russia-1 Calembour Sketch comedy
1996-2007 NTV, STS Sesame Street Children's
1997 The Intercept Game show
1998-present TNT, C1R, NTV, STS, Che Streets of Broken Lights ? Crime
1998 Russia-K Confession ? Documentary
1998 Russia-K The Dialogues with Solzhenitsyn ? Documentary
1999 M1 The Naked Truth News, nudity


Year Channel Title Russian title Genre
2000 C1R Empire under Attack ? History, drama
2000-2003 NTV, TNT, TV-6, TVS Turn off the Light! ?! Animation
2000-present NTV, TV-6, Russia-1, House of Cinema Secrets of Investigation Crime
2000-2006 C1R, REN TV Deadly Force ? ? Crime
2000-2007 NTV Bandit Petersburg ? Crime
2008-2014 C1R Big Difference ? ? Sketch comedy
2001-2009 C1R Last Hero Reality
2001-present C1R Let Them Talk ? Talk show
2001-2008 C1R, C5 The Weakest Link Game show
2001-present C1R, Russia-1, Russia-24, RTR-Planeta, Mir, RT, PTR Direct Line with Vladimir Putin ? ? ? Annual Q&A
2002 C1R Azazel ? Crime
2002 Russia-1 Law of the Lawless ? Crime
2002-2011 C1R Star Factory ? Talent show
2002-2005 STS, TNT Windows ? Talk show
2002-2003 C1R Spetsnaz ? War
2003-2013 Russia-1, STS The Cleverest Game show
2003 Russia-1 Lines of Fate Drama
2003 Russia-1 The Idiot Drama
2003-present NTV Let's Eat at Home! ? ?! Cooking
2003-2004 STS Poor Nastya Telenovela
2003-2006 Russia-1 People's Artist Talent show
2004-2007 STS You are a Supermodel - Reality
2004 C1R Children of the Arbat ? Drama
2004-present TNT House-2 -2 Reality
2004 Russia-1 The Cadets War
2004-2012 STS, Russia-1 Kikoriki Animation
2004 C1R Moscow Saga ? ? Drama
2004-present Russia-1, NTV Mukhtar. The New Trace . ? Crime
2004-2009 STS My Fair Nanny ? ? Sitcom
2004-2005 C1R All or Nothing Game show
2005 C1R Female Novel ? Telenovela
2005 STS Londongrad ? Crime, comedy
2005 RTVi They Chose Freedom ? Documentary
2005-present TNT Comedy Club Comedy Club Comedy
2005 NTV The Case of "Dead Souls" ? ? «? » Fantasy
2005-2006 C1R Adjutants of Love Telenovela
2005-2006 STS Not Born Beautiful Telenovela
2005 TNT Big Brother ? ? Reality
2005 C1R Brezhnev ? Biopic, politics
2005 C1R The Fall of the Empire ? Drama
2005-2008 TNT Inexplicable, yet a Fact , ? Documentary
2005 Russia-1 The Master and Margarita ? Fantasy
2005 C1R Nine Lives of Nestor Makhno ? Biopic, politics
2005 C1R Yesenin Biopic
2005-2007 Russia-1 Secret of Success Talent show
2005-present Russia-1 Yiddishkeit Documentary
2006 NTV U.E. ?.?. Crime
2006-2016 Carousel,

Russia-1, Russia-K, Mult

The Adventures of Luntik and his friends ? ? Animation
2006 Russia-1 Filipp's Bay ? Crime
2006 Russia-1 The First Circle ? Drama
2006-2013 TNT Happy Together Sitcom
2006 TNT Bunker, or Scientists Underground , Science-fiction
2006-2011 TNT Our Russia ? Russia Sketch comedy
2006-2007 Fenix-Art Gold Field Drama
2006 REN TV Deal!? !? Game show
2006-2007 NTV Young Wolfhound ? Fantasy
2006-2007 C1R Russian Translation ? ? Crime, politics
2007 Russia-1 Liquidation ? Crime
2007-present C1R, C5 Trace ? Crime
2007-present C1R A Minute of Fame Talent show
2007-2012 STS Daddy's Daughters Sitcom
2007 C1R A Second Before... ? ... Fantasy
2007-present TNT The Battle of Extrasensory Reality
2008-present Russia-1, Carousel Masha and the Bear ? ? ? Animation
2008 Russia-1 Name of Russia Greatest nationals
2008 STS One Night of Love ? ? Telenovela
2008-present C1R Prozhektorperiskhilton Comedy, talk show
2008-2011 TNT Univer Sitcom
2008-2011 C1R Wedding Ring Telenovela
2008-2015 RT, PTR, Russia-1, Russia 24, C1R Talk with Dmitry Medvedev ? ? Annual Q&A
2009 C1R The Admiral Biopic, drama, politics
2009 C1R Hot Ice Drama, sports
2009 REN TV Top Gear Russia Top Gear Cars
2009-2012 STS Infomania News


Year Channel Title Russian title Genre
2010-2012 Muz-TV Crocodile Game show
2010-2016 TNT Interns ? Medical, sitcom
2010-2012 Disney Channel As the Bell Rings ? Sitcom
2011 Russia-1 Peter the Great: The Testament ? . Biopic, drama, politics
2010-2015 2×2, STS, Carousel,
Disney Channel, 360
Novators Animation, science-fiction
2011 C1R The Life and Adventures of Mishka Yaponchik ? Crime
2011-present Carousel, STS Qumi-Qumi ?-? Animation
2011-present Muz-TV, You-TV Top Model Russian-style - - Reality
2011-2014 TV Centre, C1R Heavenly Court Courtroom drama, fantasy
2011-present TNT Univer. New Dorm . Sitcom
2012 Russia-1 The White Guard ? Drama
2012-present C1R The Voice Talent show
2012-2016 STS Kitchen Sitcom
2012 C1R Brief Guide To A Happy Life ? ? ? Drama
2012-present C1R The Dark Side of the Moon ? ? Speculative fiction, crime
2012-present C1R Evening Urgant Talk show
2012 RT World Tomorrow Talk show
2013 C1R Pyotr Leschenko. Everything That Was... ? ?. , ?... Biopic, drama, musical
2013 C1R The Thaw Drama
2013-present C1R, Russia-1 One to One! ? ? ?! Talent show
2013-present TV-3 The Invisible Man ?- Game show
2013 C1R Ex-Wife ? Crime
2013-present STS The Junior Team Sports
2013-2016 STS, Carousel Alisa Knows What to Do! , ! Animation
2013-present TNT SashaTanya Sitcom
2013 Russia-1 Sherlock Holmes Crime
2013-present STS Two Fathers, Two Sons ? ? ? Sitccom
2014-present C1R Silver Spoon Crime
2014 C1R The Three Musketeers Adventure
2014 C1R House with Lilies ? ? Telenovela
2014-present Russia-1 Ekaterina Biopic, drama, politics
2014-present Friday! Revizorro Documentary
2014-2017 TNT, TV-3 Chernobyl: Zone of Exclusion ? Science-fiction
2014-present C1R, Carousel The Voice Kids . ? Talent show
2015-present Russia-1 Homeland Thriller, espionage, politics
2015-present Russia-1, Muz-TV Faktor A ? Talent show
2015 C1R Catherine the Great ? Biopic, drama, politics
2015 C1R The Method Crime
2015-present Che Utilizator ? Game show
2015 C1R Vasilisa War
2016 C1R Locust ? Thriller
2016-present C1R Klim ? Crime
2016 Russia-1 Sophia Drama
2016 C1R The Dawns Here Are Quiet ? ? War
2016-present Che The Running Thousand ? Game show
2016-present Che Man vs Fly ? ? Game show
2016 Che Name That Movie ? Game show
2017 NTV The Road to Calvary War epic
2017 C1R Trotsky ? Biopic, drama, politics
2017-present C1R Raid Crime
2017-present Russia-1 Doctor Richter Medical
2017 C1R Mata Hari ? ? Biopic, drama
2017 Russia-1 Anna Karenina: Vronsky's Story ? . ? Drama
2017 STS You All Infuriate Me ? Sitcom
2017-present NTV The Bridge ? Crime

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