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List of Emerging Technologies
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List of Emerging Technologies

Emerging technologies are those technical innovations which represent progressive developments within a field for competitive advantage.[1]

Emerging technology Field Status Potentially marginalized technologies Potential applications Related articles
Agricultural robot[2] Agriculture Research and development, trial projects
Closed ecological systems[3][4][5] Agriculture Research and development, working demonstrators (e.g. Biosphere 2) Agricultural science Agriculture, scientific research, space colonization Greenhouse, Biosphere 2, Eden Project, Bioshelter, Seawater greenhouse, Perpetual harvest greenhouse system
Cultured meat Agriculture Research and development[6][7] Animal husbandry, fishing[7] Humane, resource-efficient, healthier and cheaper meat[7] New Harvest
Precision agriculture Agriculture Research and development, diffusion
Vertical farming Agriculture Research, development, experiments, and diffusion[8][9][10] Industrial agriculture Crop and meat production
Micro air vehicle Aviation Mostly prototypes Covert indoor reconnaissance, "fly-on-the-wall" espionage, operation in confined human-inaccessible spaces Unmanned aerial vehicle, biomimetics
Neural-sensing headset (trans-cranial neural sensing and characterization).[11] Aviation Research and development Conventional headsets Assisting pilots Brain-computer interface, neuroprosthetics
Claytronics Construction Hypothetical, experiment 3D printing, traditional manufacturing methods and tools
Four-dimensional printing Construction Research and Development 3D printing, traditional manufacturing and tools
Molecular assembler Construction Hypothetical, experiment 3D printing, traditional manufacturing methods and tools Replicator (Star Trek), Von Neumann universal constructor
Utility fog Construction Hypothetical, experiment
Arcology Architecture Research, development, commercialization
Domed city Architecture In progress in Dubai[12]Mall of the World project that is being scaled down Weather-controlled city, colonization of other bodies
Aerogel Materials Science Hypothetical, experiments, diffusion, early uses[13] Traditional Insulation, Glass Improved insulation, insulative glass if it can be made clear, sleeves for oil pipelines, aerospace, high-heat & extreme cold applications
Amorphous metal Materials Science Experiments Kevlar Armor
Bioplastic Materials Science Some products developed Fossil fuel plastics
Conductive polymers Materials Science Research, experiments, prototypes Conductors Lighter and cheaper wires, antistatic materials, organic solar cells Jacquard weaving
Cryogenic treatment Materials Science Research, experiments, prototypes Metals, metal matrix composites, glassy metal hybrids and B4C Oil and gas Blowout preventers (BOP), jet engines, power turbines, locomotives, electric vehicles, gears and bearings
Fullerene Materials Science Experiments, diffusion Synthetic diamond and carbon nanotubes (e.g. Buckypaper) Programmable matter
Graphene Materials Science Hypothetical, experiments, diffusion, early uses[14][15] silicon-based integrated circuit Components with higher strength to weight ratios, transistors that operate at higher frequency, lower cost of display screens in mobile devices, storing hydrogen for fuel cell powered cars, sensors to diagnose diseases, more efficient batteries[16]
Lab-on-a-chip Materials Science Some commercialization Analytic laboratories
High-temperature superconductivity Materials Science Cryogenic receiver front-end (CRFE) RF and microwave filter systems for mobile phone base stations; prototypes in dry ice; Hypothetical and experiments for higher temperatures[17] Copper wire, semiconductor integral circuits No loss conductors, frictionless bearings, magnetic levitation, lossless high-capacity accumulators, electric cars, heat-free integral circuits and processors
Magnetorheological fluid Materials Science developed and researched Shock absorber Magnetorheological damper heavy motor damping, operator seat/cab damping in construction vehicles, seismic dampers positioned in building absorbing detrimental shock waves and oscillations within the structure making them earthquake-proof, enhance body armour fluid bullet resistant, Humvees, and various other all-terrain vehicles employ dynamic MR shock absorbers/dampers. Magnetorheological finishing was used in the construction of the Hubble Space Telescope's corrective lens, shock absorbers of a vehicle's suspension are filled with magnetorheological fluid. Electrorheological fluid
High-temperature superfluidity Materials Science Superfluid gyroscopes already exist but work at very low temperatures Mechanical gyroscope, flywheel High-precision measure of gravity, navigation and maneuver devices, possible devices to emit gravitomagnetic field, frictionless mechanical devices
Metamaterials Materials Science Hypothetical, experiments, diffusion[18] Classical optics Microscopes, cameras, metamaterial cloaking, cloaking devices
Metal foam Materials Science Research, commercialization Hulls Space colonies, floating cities
Multi-function structures[19] Materials Science Hypothetical, experiments, some prototypes, few commercial Composite materials mostly Wide range, e.g., self health monitoring, self healing material, morphing
Nanomaterials: carbon nanotubes Materials Science Hypothetical, experiments, diffusion, early uses[20][21] Structural steel and aluminium Stronger, lighter materials, space elevator Potential applications of carbon nanotubes, carbon fiber
Programmable matter Materials Science Hypothetical, experiments[22][23] Coatings, catalysts Wide range, e.g., claytronics, synthetic biology
Quantum dots Materials Science Research, experiments, prototypes[24], commercialized LCD, LED Quantum dot laser, quantum dot display, future use as programmable matter in display technologies (TV, projection), optical data communications (high-speed data transmission), medicine (laser scalpel)
Silicene Materials Science Hypothetical, research Field-effect transistors
Superalloy Materials Science Research, diffusion Aluminum, titanium, composite materials Aircraft jet engines
Synthetic diamond Materials Science Research, commercialization Silicon transistors Electronics
Time crystals Materials Science Research experiments[25] Current quantum computers Quantum computers with stable qubits
Translucent concrete Materials Science Commercialization Glass Construction of skyscrapers, towers, and sculptures like Europe Gate
Hypereutectic alloy Materials Science Research, commercialization Casting Metals Hypereutectic piston
Super-plastic alloy Materials Science Research, commercialization Casting Metals Superplasticity
3D displays Displays Research, commercialization[26] other display technologies, CRT, LCD Television, computer interfaces, cinemas Autostereoscopic display, stereoscopic display, volumetric display, Holographic display, Light Field display, Nintendo 3DS, HTC Evo 3D
Ferroelectric liquid crystal display Displays Some commercial products
Field emission display Displays Research
Holography (holographic display, computer-generated holography) Displays Diffusion[27][28][29] Display technologies
Interferometric modulator display Displays Development, commercializing[30] Other display technologies, CRT, LCD, plasma, e-paper Non-emissive displays with fast response times and potentially the most realistic colours of all display technologies Interferometric modulator display, comparison of display technology
Laser video displays Displays first commercial Laser TV in 2008, Mitsubishi LaserVue TV LCD and plasma displays Displays with very wide colour gamut Laser TV, Comparison of display technology
OLED displays Displays Diffusion, commercialization[31][32] LCD and plasma displays Displays, lighting OLED TV, Comparison of display technology
MicroLED displays Displays Commercialization[33] LCD, plasma displays, and OLED TVs[34] Flat panel displays MicroLED, Comparison of display technology
Phased-array optics Displays Hypothetical[35][36] Conventional display devices (e.g., television) Mass production of 3-dimensional imagery
Screenless display (Virtual retinal display, Bionic contact lens, EyeTap, Google Glass) Displays Hypothetical, experiments Traditional displays Augmented reality, virtual reality, EyeTap could allow the user to reference the blue prints like in a construction yard, in a 3D manner, Delivers the user constant up to date information on the stock market, the user's corporation, and meeting statuses, visual disabilities Head-mounted display, Head-up display, adaptive optics
Telescopic pixel display Displays In development
Time-multiplexed optical shutter Displays Commercialized
Volumetric display Displays Working prototypes 3-dimensional imagery Swept-volume display
Biometrics Electronics Diffusion Keys and ID documents
Digital scent technology Electronics Diffusion Smell-O-Vision, iSmell
Electronic nose Electronics Research, commercialization[37][38] X-ray and MRI scans for detecting cancer Detecting spoiled food, chemical weapons and cancer
E-textiles Electronics Research, diffusion[39]
Flexible electronics Electronics Research, development, some prototypes Flexible and folding electronic devices (such as smartphones), Flexible solar cells which are lightweight, can be rolled up for launch, and are easily deployable Nokia Morph, Flexible organic light-emitting diode
Memristor Electronics Working prototype[40][41] Some current integrated circuits, many other electronics devices Smaller, faster, lower power consuming storage, analogue electronics, programmable logic,[42]signal processing,[43]neural networks,[44]control systems,[45]reconfigurable computing,[46]brain-computer interfaces[47] and RFID,[48]pattern recognition[49]
Molecular electronics Electronics Research and Development
Nanoelectromechanical systems Electronics Research and Development
Spintronics Electronics Working prototypes[50] Mechanical magnetic hard disk drives Data storage, computing devices MRAM
Thermal copper pillar bump Electronics Working prototypes in discrete devices Conventional thermal systems, heat sinks, bulk thermoelectrics Electric circuit cooling; micro-fluidic actuators; small-device thermoelectric power generation Ultra high definition holographic disc, Metal-insulator transition
Three-dimensional integrated circuit Electronics In development, commercialised Integrated Circuits Memory and data processing
Airborne wind turbine Energy Research[51][52][53] Fossil fuels Producing electricity KiteGen
Artificial photosynthesis Energy Research, experiments[54] growing interest in a macroscience global project[55] Fossil fuel or 'archived' photosynthesis Improve natural photosynthesis, so roads buildings and vehicles convert sunlight and water into hydrogen and carbon dioxide into carbohydrates Sustainocene, Renewable energy, Nanotechnology
Concentrated solar power Energy Growing markets in California, Spain, Northern Africa[56] Fossil fuels, photovoltaics Producing electricity DESERTEC, BrightSource Energy, Solar Millennium
Cryogenic Treatment Energy Subsea and deep water oil and gas exploration; wind and fossil fuel electric power generation, nuclear power Metals, metal matrix composites, glassy metal hybrids and B4C Oil and gas Blowout preventers (BOP), jet engines, power turbines, locomotives, electric vehicles, gears and bearings Emerging Technologies Science Foundation
Electric double-layer capacitor Energy Diffusion, continued development[57] Chemical batteries Regenerative braking; energy storage: generally faster charging, longer lasting, more flexible, greener
Energy harvesting Energy Experiments Batteries Constant energy source for mobile, wearable and ubiquitous devices Humavox
Flywheel energy storage Energy Some commercial examples
Fusion power Energy Hypothetical, experiments Fossil fuels, renewable energy, nuclear fission power Producing electricity, heat, fusion torch recycling with waste heat ITER, NIF, Polywell, Dense plasma focus, Muon-catalyzed fusion, Wendelstein 7-X
Generation IV reactor Energy Research, Experiments Traditional nuclear power reactors, fossil fuels Producing electricity, heat, transmutation of nuclear waste stockpiles from traditional reactors
Grid energy storage Energy Increasing use
Home fuel cell Energy Research, commercialisation[58][59][60] Electrical grid Off-the-grid, producing electricity Autonomous building, Bloom Energy Server
Lithium-air battery Energy Research, experiments[61] Other energy storage methods: hydrogen, chemical batteries, some uses of fossil fuels Laptops, mobile phones, long-range electric cars; storing energy for electric grid
Lithium iron phosphate battery Energy Commercialization
Lithium-sulfur battery Energy Research and Development
Magnesium battery Energy Early commercialization Lithium-ion battery
Molten salt reactor Energy Research, Experiments Traditional nuclear power reactors, fossil fuels Producing electricity, heat
Nanowire battery Energy Experiments, prototypes[62][63] Other energy storage methods: hydrogen, chemical batteries, some uses of fossil fuels Laptops, mobile phones, long-range electric cars; storing energy for electric grid
Nantenna Energy Research[64][65][66] Fossil fuels Producing electricity
Ocean thermal energy conversion Energy Prototype
Smart grid Energy Research, diffusion[67][68][69] Smart meter, SuperSmart Grid
Space-based solar power Energy Hypothetical
Thorium fuel cycle Energy Research started in the 1960s, still ongoing Uranium based nuclear power, fossil fuels Producing electricity, heat
Vortex engine Energy Chimney, Cooling tower, Solar updraft tower Power generation.
Wireless energy transfer Energy Prototypes, diffusion, short range consumer products[70][71] Power cords, plugs, batteries Wirelessly powered equipment: laptop, cell phones, electric cars, etc. WiTricity, resonant inductive coupling
Zero-energy building Energy Expansion Electrical grid and power plants All homes Passive house
Computer-generated imagery Entertainment Developing Photomodels, all film-related jobs (including public service announcements, music videos, viral videos, commercials and pornography), except for directors, screenwriters and graphic designers[72] Films, photos
Immersive virtual reality Entertainment Hypothetical, limited commercialization Consensus reality An artificial environment where the user feels just as immersed as they usually feel in consensus reality. Virtusphere, 3rd Space Vest, haptic suit, immersive technology, simulated reality, holodeck (fictional)
Ultra-high-definition television Entertainment Commercialized High-definition television
5G cellular communications IT and Communications Research and development 4G LTE Smartphones, Tablets
Ambient intelligence IT and Communications Hypothetical
Artificial brain IT and Communications Research[73] The human brain Treatment of neurological disease, artificial intelligence Blue Brain Project, Human Brain Project
Artificial general intelligence IT and Communications Hypothetical, experiments; [74][75][76] Human decision, analysis, etc. Creating intelligent devices and robots; AI can counsel (or even take charge) in scientific projects, government, army, corporate governance, film and books creation, inventions etc. Progress in artificial intelligence, technological singularity, applications of artificial intelligence
Atomtronics IT and Communications Hypothetical
Augmented reality IT and Communications Diffusion Google Glass, Windows Mixed Reality, Mixed reality, Smartglasses
Blockchain or distributed ledger technology[77] IT and Communications Diffusion Professional intermediaries Eliminating or lowering transaction costs; distributed, open and transparent record keeping; non-hierarchical networked systems; cryptography[78] Bitcoin, Digital currency, Cryptocurrency, e-democracy
Carbon nanotube field-effect transistor IT and Communications Research and development Silicon-based transistors Extending moore's law
Civic technology IT and Communications Research and development, projects Smart cities, more responsive government Civic technology, Smart city, e-democracy, open data, intelligent environment
Counterparty (technology) IT and Communications Diffusion Bookmaker, stock exchange, central banking Decentralized financial instruments,[79]betting, free market Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Digital currency
Cryptocurrency IT and Communications Diffusion Central banking Money supply, World reserve currency Bitcoin, Digital currency
DNA digital data storage IT and Communications Experiments Mass data storage
Exascale computing IT and Communications Projects
Gesture recognition IT and Communications Diffusion Mouse, keyboard, touchscreen
Internet of Things IT and Communications Diffusion
Emerging memory technologies IT and Communications In development Current memory technologies T-RAM, memristor, Z-RAM, TTRAM, CBRAM, SONOS, RRAM, Racetrack memory, NRAM, Phase-change memory, FJG RAM, Millipede memory, Skyrmion, Programmable metallization cell, 3D XPoint, Ferroelectric RAM, Magnetoresistive random-access memory, nvSRAM
Emerging magnetic data storage technologies IT and Communications In development (HAMR, BPM); diffusion (SMR) Greatly improved storage density compared to current HDDs, can be combined SMR, HAMR, BPM, MAMR, TDMR, CPP/GMR, PMR, Hard disk drive
Fourth-generation optical discs (3D optical data storage, Holographic data storage) IT and Communications Research, prototyping[80] Some mass storage methods/devices, magnetic tape data storage, optical data storage Storing and archiving data previously erased for economic reasons Blu-ray Disc, Optical storage
General-purpose computing on graphics processing units IT and Communications Diffusion of non standardized methods CPU for a few specialized uses Order of magnitude faster processing of parallelizable algorithms
Exocortex IT and Communications Diffusion of primitive amplifications; working prototypes of more; Hypothetical, experiments on more substantial amplification Libraries, schools, training, pocket calculators
Li-Fi IT and Communications Demos, requires standardization Wi-Fi network
Machine translation IT and Communications Diffusion[81][82] Human translation of natural languages, in areas where misunderstanding is non-critical and language is formalized Easier and cheaper cross-cultural communication
Machine vision IT and Communications Research, prototyping, commercialization[73] Biotic vision and perception, including humans Biometrics, controlling processes (e.g., in driverless car, automated guided vehicle), detecting events (e.g., in visual surveillance), interaction (e.g., in human-computer interaction), robot vision Computer vision, pattern recognition, digital image processing
Mobile collaboration and e-learning IT and Communications Development, commercialization[83] Transport of humans, traditional video-conferencing systems Extends the capabilities of video conferencing for use on hand-held mobile devices in real-time over secure networks. For use in diverse industries such as manufacturing, energy, healthcare.[84]Telework
Nanoradio IT and Communications Research & Development, diffusion Traditional radio transmitters & receivers
Optical computing IT and Communications Hypothetical, experiments; some components of integrated circuits have been developed[85] Many electronics devices, integrated circuits Smaller, faster, lower power consuming computing
Quantum computing IT and Communications Hypothetical, experiments,[86] commercialization[87] Atomtronics,
Electronic computing, optical computing, quantum clock
Much faster computing, for some kinds of problems, chemical modeling, new materials with programmed properties, Hypothetical of high-temperature superconductivity and superfluidity
Quantum cryptography IT and Communications Commercialization[88] Secure communications
Radio-frequency identification IT and Communications Diffusion of high cost[89][90][91] Barcode Smartstores - RFID based self checkout (keeping track of all incoming and outgoing products), food packaging, smart shelves, smart carts. See: potential uses
Semantic Web or answer machine IT and Communications Research, limited use Web 2.0 Making the web machine-readable by annotating data on the web based on its meaning Corporate Semantic Web, Semantic Web Services, Semantic Web Stack, Web 3.0
Smart speaker IT and Communications Commercialization Smartphones, computers Home automation, communication with people and machines Amazon Echo, Google Home, HomePod
Software-defined radio IT and Communications Development, commercialization Traditional, frequency-specific radio circuits, dedicated signal processing hardware Cognitive radio, Mesh networks, Software defined antenna GNU Radio, Universal Software Radio Peripheral
Speech recognition IT and Communications Research, Development, Commercialization Mechanical input devices
Subvocal recognition IT and Communications Research, Development, Commercialization
Virtual Reality IT and Communications Diffusion Entertainment, education Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR
Hybrid forensics[92] IT and Communications Research, commercialization Digital forensic imaging, index creation for electronic discovery, the use of 'agents' that have to be installed at endpoints for data collection digital forensics, electronic discovery, malware detection, IT compliance
Artificial uterus Medical Hypothetical, research Incubator, in vivo pregnancy, including host motherhood space travel, extracorporeal pregnancy, Reprogenetics, same-sex procreation
Body implants, prosthesis Medical Trials, from animal (e.g., brain implants) to human clinical (e.g., insulin pump implant), to commercial production (e.g. pacemaker, joint replacement, cochlear implant) Various fields of medicine, warfare Brain implant, retinal implant Prosthetics, prosthetics in fiction, cyborg
Cryonics Medical Hypothetical, research, commercialization (e.g. Cryonics Institute) Cemeteries Life extension
De-extinction Medical Research, development, trials Animal husbandry, pets, zoos Recreating the woolly mammoth species
Genetic engineering of organisms and viruses Medical Research, development, commercialization[93][94] Other medical procedures (including aesthetic medicine and contraception), traditional warfare (genetically modified soldiers, ethnic bioweapon),[95] traditional animal husbandry and plant and fungus breeding, tattoo artism and fitness clubs and cosmetics and nutrition (because of new genes humans will be able to change on demand their look), gardening (because of new genes there will be no need to nurture plants), species-saving efforts (because of new genes they can adapt to new environments), traditional fuel production[96][97] Creating and modifying species (mainly improving their physical and mental capabilities), bio-machines, eliminating genetic disorders (gene therapy), new materials production,[98] healthier and cheaper food, creating drugs and vaccines, research in natural sciences, bioremediation,[99] detecting arsenic[100] Biopunk, Genetically modified food, superhuman, human enhancement, transhumanism, gene doping, designer baby, genetic pollution
Hibernation or suspended animation Medical Research, development, animal trials[101] Surgical anaesthesia Organ transplantation, space travel, prolonged surgery, emergency care
Immunotherapy - immuno oncology Medical Commercialized, Research and Development Conventional cancer therapy - chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery Oncology - cancer therapeutics (mono and combination cancer therapy) using targeted and innate immune responses. Checkpoint inhibitors (anti-pd-1, anti pd-L1, ctla-4), CAR-T, IDO inhibitors, Oncolytic virus/virotherapy (see below)
Life extension, Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence Medical Research, experiments, animal testing[102][103] Existing treatments for age-related diseases Increased life spans Immortality, biological immortality
Nanomedicines Medical Research, experiments, limited use[104][105]
Nanosensors Medical Research and Development
Oncolytic virus Medical Human trials (Talimogene laherparepvec, reolysin, JX-594), commercialisation (H101) Cancer therapy, imaging Oncolytic virus
Personalized medicine, full genome sequencing Medical Research, experiments[106] Non-personalized medical procedures, including aesthetic medicine Personalized medical procedures, genome sequencing during drug trials Personal genomics
Plantibody Medical clinical trials
Regenerative medicine Medical Some laboratory trials[107] Life extension
Robotic surgery Medical Research, diffusion[108][109][110] Surgeons untrained in robotic surgery
Stem cell treatments Medical Research, experiments, phase I human trial spinal cord injury treatment (GERON), cultured cornea transplants[111][112] Other therapies Treatment for a wide range of diseases and injuries Stem cell, stem cell treatments, Skin cell gun,
Synthetic biology, synthetic genomics Medical Research, development, first synthetic bacteria created May 2010[113][114] Chemical industry, petroleum industry, process manufacturing Creating infinitely scalable production processes based on programmable species of bacteria and other life forms BioBrick, iGEM, synthetic genomics
Tissue engineering Medical Research, diffusion[115][116][117][118] Organ printing, Tooth regeneration
Tricorder Medical Research and Development Medical examinations Diagnosing medical conditions Medical tricorder
Virotherapy Medical Research, human trials Gene therapy, cancer therapy Virotherapy, Oncolytic Virus
Vitrification or cryoprotectant Medical Hypothetical, some experiments[119] Ischemic damages Organ transplantation, cryonics
Brain-computer interface Neuroscience Research and commercialization Video games, television, movies and current communication devices and transport of humans. Faster communication and learning and "more real" entertainment (generation of feelings and informations in brain on demand). Control emotions in the mentally ill[120] Experience machine, Neuralink
Brain-reading, Neuroinformatics Neuroscience Research[121][122]
Electroencephalography Neuroscience Research, diffusion[123] Keyboards and other interfaces Controlling electronic devices via brain waves BrainGate
Head transplant Neuroscience Success in animal experiments, including 2-headed result; human surgery as early as 2017 Cryonics Treat debilitating disease or horrible disfigurement Brain transplant, hand transplantation, organ transplantation
Neuroprosthetics Neuroscience Visual prosthesis, brain implant, exocortex, retinal implant
Caseless ammunition Military Field tests and some niche markets Cartridges Lightweight Small Arms Technologies
Cloaking device Military Successful experiments cloaking small objects under some conditions[124] Camouflage Cloaking microscope tips at optical frequencies Metamaterial cloaking
Directed energy weapon Military Research, development, some prototypes[125] Firearms Warfare Laser Weapon System
Electrolaser Military Research and development Taser
Electromagnetic weapons Military Research and development[126][127] Firearms Warfare Coilgun, Railgun
Electrothermal-chemical technology Military Research and development Conventional ammunition Tank, artillery, and close-in weapon systems
Force field Military Hypothetical, experiments[128] Armor Military and law enforcement, space travel Plasma window
Green bullet Military Development Current ammunition Environment-friendly ammunition
Laser weapon Military Research and development, trials Missile defense, anti-drone defense Tracking and destruction of rockets, bombs, drones etc.[129] Advanced Tactical Laser, High Energy Liquid Laser Area Defense System
Particle beam weapon Military Research and development Firearms Warfare Strategic Defense Initiative
Plasma weapon Military Research
Pure fusion weapon Military Hypothetical
Sonic weapon Military Research and development
Stealth technology Military Research and development Camouflage Electronic countermeasures Plasma stealth, Stealth aircraft, Radar-absorbent material
Vortex ring gun Military Research and development tear gas Crowd control
Wireless long-range electric shock weapon Military Expansion Firearms Law enforcement guns
Anti-gravity Outer Space Hypothetical and experiments[130][131]
Artificial gravity Outer Space Research, development Space Travel
Asteroid mining Outer Space Hypothetical, NASA has announced plans to capture and redirect an asteroid.[132]
Hypertelescope Outer Space Hypothetical astronomy
Stasis Chamber Outer Space Experimental, Research and development[133] Traditional space travel Interplanetary space travel, interstellar space travel, medical
Solar gravitational lens Outer Space Hypothetical Deep space observation FOCAL
Inflatable space habitat Outer Space Developed, prototypes built and tested Traditional "aluminium can" space habitat modules Space habitats Bigelow Aerospace
Miniaturized satellite Outer Space Research, development, some prototypes Conventional satellites Inexpensive satellites, constellations for low data rate communications, using formations to gather data from multiple points, in-orbit inspection of larger satellites.
Android, gynoid Robotics Research, development, prototypes, diffusion, commercializing[134] Disabled, infant and older people care, housekeeping, sex-worker, flight-attendant, model, hostess, waiter, security guard
Molecular nanotechnology, nanorobotics Robotics Hypothetical, experiments[135] Products and parts production, retail distribution Machines (desktop, industrial) that can make anything given the materials (e.g. Rotimatic), cheap planetary terraforming
Powered exoskeleton Robotics Research, development, prototypes, diffusion, commercializing[136] Electric wheelchairs, forklifts Heavy lifting, paralysis, muscle related diseases, warfare, construction, firefighting, care for the elderly and disabled. LOPES (exoskeleton), ReWalk, Human Universal Load Carrier, fictional armor Iron Man's armor, Future Force Warrior
Self-reconfiguring modular robot Robotics Hypothetical, experiments, early prototypes Other ways to form physical structures and machines As a universal physical machine, SRCMR may change the way we make many physical structures and machines Robot, swarm robotics, autonomous research robot
Swarm robotics Robotics Hypothetical, experiments[137] Distributed computing, complexity in behavior by simplicity in architecture Autonomous construction, space construction Swarm intelligence, autonomous robotics, nanorobotics, particle swarm optimization, multi-agent systems, behavior-based robotics
Unmanned vehicle Robotics Research and development, diffusion, commercial Manned vehicles, human spying, shops, kitchens, restaurants (thanks to unmanned transport of goods) Transport of goods (e.g. food), mass surveillance, eavesdropping, oceanography, commercial aerial livestock monitoring, wildfire mapping, pipeline security, home security, road patrol and anti-piracy, patrol the nation's borders, scout property, and hunt down fugitives, oil, gas and mineral exploration and production, geophysical surveys, geomagnetic surveys, scientific research in areas too dangerous for pilots like a hurricane tornado hunter, firefighting,[138] military operations and peacekeeping operations, search and rescue, explosives and bomb disposal, gatekeeper and checkpoint operations, urban street presence, police raids in urban settings. Unmanned aerial vehicle, AeroVironment, AeroVironment Global Observer, AeroVironment Nano Hummingbird, Unmanned combat air vehicle, Unmanned ground vehicle, Unmanned space vehicle, Unmanned surface vehicle, Unmanned underwater vehicle, Autonomous underwater vehicle
Airless tire Transport Research, development, early prototypes[139][140] Conventional tire Safer tires Tweel
Alternative fuel vehicle Transport Commercialization, diffusion Internal combustion engine Reducing air pollution, decreasing oil consumption Electric vehicle, Hydrogen vehicle, Compressed air vehicle
Beam-powered propulsion Transport Hypothetical Laser propulsion
Electro hydrodynamic propulsion Transport Research, development, prototypes[141][142] Flying car, "hoverboards" Better flying transportation, efficient propulsion in air Electrohydrodynamics
Flexible wings (X-53 Active Aeroelastic Wing, Adaptive Compliant Wing), fluidic flight controls Transport Experiments, prototypes[143][144][145][146][147] Other flight control systems: ailerons, elevators, elevons, flaps, flaperons Controlling aircraft, ships Aircraft flight control system, BAE Systems Demon, fluidics
Flying car Transport Early commercialization, prototypes[148][149] Airplane, automobile, road More effective transportation Terrafugia Transition, Moller M400 Skycar, Urban Aeronautics X-Hawk, AeroMobil
Fusion rocket Transport Research, development[150] Chemical rockets Fast Interplanetary Travel, with limited Interstellar applications
Hoverbike Transport Working prototypes, early commercialization Cars, motorcycles, mopeds, bicycles Package delivery, search and rescue
Hovertrain, Ground effect train Transport Research, development[151][152] Conventional trains Trains with higher speed Aérotrain, Duke Hospital PRT, Hovercraft
High Altitude Platforms Transport Experimentation Most satellites, cell phone towers Communications
Jet pack or backpack helicopter Transport Early commercialization, prototypes[153] Automobile More effective transportation
Maglev train, Vactrain Transport Research, early commercialization[154][155][156] Conventional trains, the wheel Trains with higher speed Transrapid, Shanghai Maglev Train, Linimo
Magnetic levitation Transport Research, development, Commercialization (Maglev Train) Wheels, tires, conventional transportation systems High temperature superconductivity, cryogenics, low temperature refrigerators, superconducting magnet design and construction, fiber reinforced plastics for vehicles and structural concretes, communication and high power solid-state controls, vehicle design (aerodynamics and noise mitigation), precision manufacturing, construction and fabrication of concrete structures,[157] maglev car, maglev based spacecraft launch Vactrain, Levicar
Mass driver Transport Prototypes
Float to Orbit Transport Hypothetical Conventional space launch Space launch
Nuclear photonic rocket Transport Hypothetical ion rockets interplanetary travel
Personal rapid transit Transport Early commercialization, diffusion[158][159] Automobile More effective transportation Morgantown PRT, ULTra
Photon rocket Transport Hypothetical chemical rockets local interstellar travel
Physical Internet Transport Research[160] Conventional logistics
Vactrain Transport Research, development High-speed rail Faster way to get somewhere ET3 Global Alliance, Hyperloop
Propellant depot Transport Research, development Heavy lift rockets enabling deep-space missions with more massive payloads, satellite life extension, ultimately lowering the cost per kg launched to space
Pulse detonation engine Transport Testbed demos Chemical rockets Fast Interplanetary Travel, with some possible Interstellar Travel applications
Reusable launch system Transport Research, early commercialization Expendable launch system Surface-to-orbit transport SpaceX reusable launch system development program, BFR
Space elevator Transport Research, development[161] Non-rocket spacelaunch, Orbital ring, Sky hook, Space fountain
Spaceplane Transport Research, development[162][163][164] Conventional airliners Hypersonic transport A2, Skylon
Supersonic transport Transport Commercialization existed, diffusion Conventional airliners Airliner with higher speed Concorde, Tupolev Tu-144
Vehicular communication systems Transport Research and development, some diffusion Automobile safety vehicle safety obstacle inform others warnings on entering intersections, Traffic management Accommodating ambulances, fire trucks, and police cars to a specific situation such as hot pursuits and bad weather, Driver assistance systems, Automated highways. Artificial Passenger, Dedicated short-range communications, Intelligent transportation system

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